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Brain injuries

So I am laying here watching ESPN and there is a story about a former NFL player with CTE. It is very sad that these guys put their lives on the line to entertain us but at the same time they know the consequences when they sign up to play. I do believe the game can be safer but at the same time the athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger then ever before. I am a firm believer that with the “take the head out of play” movement is insane. The head will get hit just like in an sport so with them changing how players hit will get someone hurt even worse. Look at hockey players for example…those guys take hits and their head even hits a solid sheet of ice but you don’t hear about their former players suing about issues after the game. A lot of these players are broke and are looking for a pay off. I can guarantee not one of these former players said a word about injuries during their career because they realized that they are living the life a lot of people want and are getting paid very well.